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Haiti 2010 Toy Drive

We aim to make Christmas a joyous time for Haiti's children. You can help us meet our goals by supporting our Haiti toy drive going between Oct. 11 and Nov. 11, 2010. Click here  to learn more.

Medical Mission to Haiti

A medical team organized by the Connecticut Haitian American Organization is on their way to Haiti. The group will be leaving from Bradley International Airport on March 8th at 6:20am and arrive in Port-au-Prince on AA Flight 1907 at 3:45pm. They are scheduled to return on the 13th. The team will consist of 16 persons.

Click here to see Pictures from our medical Mision on Facebook.

Click here to see more Pictures from our medical Mision on Facebook.

Please see Volunteers for more information.

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Community Renewal Team (CRT) - For Counseling

Free counseling for Haitian Americans dealing with the loss of family members and friends.

Please contact:

Dr. Marvin Douglas
Mount Sinai Hospital
675 Tower Avenue, Ste 308
Hartford, CT
phone: (860) 560-5600

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To locate missing Americans:

U.S. State Department
Phone: (888) 407-4747

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To locate missing Hatian family members:

Consulate General of Haiti
Phone: (212) 697-9767


CT. Haitian Earthquake Relief Fund

Welcome to our web site and thank you for your inquiries and concern for Haiti!! The Connecticut Haitian American Organization, Inc., a non-profit 501c3 organization, has established a committee to provide assistance to the people of Haiti who have been affected by the devastation of the powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck on Tuesday, January 12, 2010. The damage was extensive and the latest estimates from the Haiti government are that more than 212,000 people perished and over 1 million people have been left homeless from this terrible catastrophe.

doctors in Haiti

The Connecticut Haitian American Organization, Inc. is working tirelessly with schools, religious institutions, and individuals in their effort to provide help to victims of the earthquake. They have formed committees to strategically ensure that children and women are on top of their agenda when donating supplies.


An Eyewitness Report (Calling for More Assistance)

Written by Petulia Blake

Maryse Adonis just returned from the island of Haiti. On February 17, she updated the members of the CT Haitian American Organization, Inc. on her experience in Haiti right after the devastating earthquake. Mrs. Adonis is a licensed nurse and the Executive Director of Arm2Arm, Inc., a 501(c) (3) organization based out of Wethersfield, CT. She coordinates groups to work in Haiti and also advocates for the human rights of Haitians and Haitian descents living in the Dominican Republic. Mrs. Adonis will be returning to Haiti in order to continue providing direct care to victims of the earthquake.

>> Click here to read her report <<



by Alexander Lawrence and Rue-Scott Braham

Live horns for the story and the struggle
got sounds for the frowns and their eyes aint subtle man
we got chill-ger-en growin pains early and
houses turned to rubble so they playin in the sand
Let's have a settlement maybe just a helping hand

steady with relief we're American band stand balance
out the negative support like a sedative calm for the fear
but the pain is still here

life cycles in a shape gone wrong like a pentagon away from this box called gone
not a happy song not a happy crowd it's a song for the help so we're screamin' out loud now
daily coverage the masses turn on so we can't ignore the message with a mind turned off
Smiles packed moved away and it's wrong when the babies even know when theres sumthin' goin wrong

Televison screens work like a bad dream
images depicted in appearance of a bad scream
with scenes of tears plus a fee with lives cut shorter and we didn't pay to see
photo flashes captures the memories unrecognizable burnt to the concrete
feet march on cuz life tramples on

No I can't relate but I can't be wrong
the time turned off better off stopped to adjust
when life stood tragedy abrupt

Night time to reflect on a bad time the pen hits paper just to document the rhyme
I'm fine but I could be better like the weather unpredictable the situations critical

The smiles are non existent
and the grief is abrubt
The skies are blue here and we need to spare some change to put sense back in order
the sense to send dollar dreams to the dreamless
and as the crowds gather and the rain quiets down
words of tragedy are born and spread throughout the world
The rhymes of struggle have come to speak

Take your snapshots within of conditions lived in sin
and that's before the earthquake hit.
our birth hinged, off the pressures of Change and Rebellion
souls were dwelling in hell and couldn't take no more so the core
boiled up like a kettle to Rebel in broad day.

What a way, what a day to cut ties astray.
History's made today so I Revere Toussant
in a broad way.
Strong ways in the past make us last
anything blast? and we rise up fast;
Chaos could receive a body cast.

In this mash up Optimistic ways make me spray
Pessimistic uncultivated ideas for Future years.
My peers have fallen, Mother nature was calling,
but I'm all in with the strength of a nation
not knowing duration.

How blatant is the state we're in?
Let’s check that, research the fact
to know it wasn't a Pact with the devil.
In fact, intact is how it was for few years.
My peeps were cool here, but when the Tool appeared
New Rule was Fear

What the hell is here?
it's Haiti where the people care
but unknown to the world full blown
‘cause it seems Ruthless here.

Everyone's out for their own
and that's exactly what was shown
when we were little...See?
check it on your t.v.

What we don't see here is the Symbolic History
a cut connection like vasectomy
the world's injecting me.
Paralysis analysis, consistence that's pure fallacy.
crucial politricks, sickening, tinkering Reality.

I can't be mad at me
‘cause I search for what I think I know
now I know I Think
Instilling crucial steps to relieve this woe
Hopping to Ideas for flow
Creating ground Techniques to grow
so I won't have to Hope that my nation
could cope and go Anywhere

And so as I stand on this rubble and Speak
I ask for your Ear and Help to create a new feat.
One that builds Structure
One that brings Together
One that Ignites Us to Unite a little Tighter


We need your support!

Aiding Hatain childYour contribution now will help distribute life-saving relief supplies – including food, clean water, blankets, and tents -- to children and families devastated by the earthquake and aftershocks in Haiti. They are in desperate need of food, medicine, and other supplies - every moment counts!

If you would like to support our humanitarian efforts in Haiti, our primary need is money and supplies. If you would like to donate, please click here for information.





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